Monday, May 24, 2010

May 24th 2010

New Bank: 542.09 euro
Profit: 17.93 euro
Today‘s Yield + 3.42%

What a day of tennis it was today and it was also a very good day for me profit wise and discipline wise. The only match that I looked like I losing today was the epic 5 set match between Andy Murray and Richard Gasquet. Although Gasquet is the better clay courter, Murray was the fav ( around 1.6 ) and I agreed and put my money on him simply because Gasquet is dreadful over 5 set matches and has a dreadful record playing in his home country at Roland Garrois so that was my reasoning with going with Murray.

Anyway Murray lost the first two sets with Gasquet playing sensational stuff with the backhand that has no match in tennis hitting winner after winner. As good as Gasquet was in those first two sets Murray was very poor, an awful serve particularly the 2nd serve , his forehand is poor , he is to passive sitting miles behind the baseline waiting for errors. At this stage it didn’t look good and with Gasquet now trading around 1.35 I had wrote my money off. But it was my attitude to this that pleased me. Before I would have started backing Gasquet to get me out of a hole and as we all know you are really only increasing your exposure. So I told myself forget about it , it’s a losing day, there will be many, don’t start chasing just try claw it back over the next few days by remaining calm.

Gasquet broke again in the 3rd set to be 3 games away from winning the match and trading @ 1.1 when the real Gasquet turned up. Yes the one who can’t battle and fight, who fatigue’s quite rapidly and just mentally has lost the match. So with that Murray turned the 3rd set around and then romped the last two sets to beat Gasquet from two sets down for the 2nd time in 2 years.

On to tomorrow now and the message is more of the same and keep the DISCIPLINE.


  1. Here Here! Discipline - Discipline - Discipline!

    Probably the most important trait of any bettor/trader; keep it up and you are definitely heading in the correct direction :-)

  2. Hi Ben , thanks for the comment and you are so right with what you say, its so much harder to do lol!!

    Good luck to you