Thursday, May 20, 2010

New Bank: 513.96 euro
Profit: 9.40 euro
Today's Yield + 1.86%

On the whole a good day, certainly profit wise it was. I was a little edgy with some of my trading though and also a little too eager in some cases to get involved and enter the market. I have to drum it in to myself to wait for my opportunities and give myself the best chance of gaining a positive result. Overall though, the majority of what I done today was good so that is pleasing.

All my trading came from the tennis today, WTA action from both Warsaw and the rain hit tournament in Strasbourg. None of the football interested me today and there is one thing i am very good at is not getting involved in meaningless matches or friendlies. If only I could have applied that to every department of my betfair career in the last few years then I would be writing this blog from the Bahamas.


  1. I have added you to my bloglist and I am an official follower.

    Good luck...I'll be watching!

  2. Ive added yor blog on mine, could you return the favour.


  3. Hey, good luck with your blog, hope it will be a lasting one.

  4. Thanks Handy Andy!!

    Rob , consider it done!!

    Cheers Steal

  5. Hi Randle,
    Added your links, thanks for the post.
    I share your thoughts on when not to bet. Sometimed you know before you bet that you are just doing it to be entertained so you have something on the race. If you have a bad vibe I think you should steer clear. Easier said than done, but I think we have all experienced this on the BetFair journey !