Wednesday, May 19, 2010

New Bank: 504.56 euro
Profit: 4.56 euro
Yield + 0.9%

The first day of my blog has got of to a good start which is of course pleasing. 3 winning trades, the first two coming in the often volatile world of WTA Trading or for those who don’t follow the sport – women’s tennis.

The first winning trade came in Maria Sharapova’s comfortable straight sets win on her comeback from yet another injury and since she shocked the world in 2004 by winning Wimbledon as a 17 year old she has always been one of my favourites. I hope she continues to do well physically because mentally apart from the William’s sisters there is not a lot that will live with her in the mental department. With the French open just around the corner, I hope she does well here, although I know she has no hope of winning it as her movement is just not good enough on clay.

I also picked up some profit in the Spanish Cup Final between Seville and Athletico Madrid , when I got involved in the over/under 4.5 goal market after Seville scored quite earlier in the game which usually see’s a lot of volatility in these markets before it settles back down.

On today’s profit and loss screenshot ignore the profit gained from before the top two matches as that was profit gained before I had an eureka moment today and decided to start a blog , so to keep everything transparent it wouldn’t be fair to include it.

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