Tuesday, May 25, 2010

May 25th 2010

New Bank: 551.22 euro
Profit: 9.13 euro
Today‘s Yield + 1.68%

You might wonder after achieving another decent day why I am disappointed but it is the nature of the beast I suppose or all to do with human emotions. I will try to explain how it came about today.

The day started off well with 3 winning markets in the bag when I decided to get involved with former number 1 Dinara Safina’s battle with 40 year old, out of retirement Kimiko Data Krumm. Safina had won the first set but ended up losing the 2nd set 64 where she lost the last 4 games in a row. This was the stage I got involved with the market by backing Safina @ 1.7 and she duly broke Krumm’s serve straight away in the 3rd and I greened up on Safina @ 1.35. I decided to wait and see then how the match developed before I went I again but I totally lost my nerve/bottle or something along those lines.

It was now 43 to Safina (still a break up) and Krumm could barely walk with Safina trading @ 1.05. I could see it though; Safina was big time feeling the pressure and throwing in double faults like confetti. I knew she was a lay at this stage but couldn’t bring myself to do it. So I just sat and watched, hoping Safina would pull through so as I could collect my green but of course Krumm won the final set 75.

I left it at that for the day because I was already in profit for the day and I felt if I carried on I would do damage as I felt like I had lost. I have been in this position before where as I felt I was owed something but it has always ended in disaster, for me anyway. I spent the rest of the day watching the tennis but thinking about what caused me to freeze.

Personally I think it was because I was afraid of losing, of losing money in a market when I had already had a good start to the day. Also I think in my mind I had already earned the green I had on Safina, it was mine even though the market was not settled, I had accounted for it so didn’t want to give it away!!!


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