Sunday, May 23, 2010

New Bank: 524.16 euro
Profit: 17.41 euro
Today ‘s Yield + 3.44%

The second grand slam of the year, the French Open started today with a feast of tennis now for the next two weeks. With regards the title, on the Men’s side I just cannot see Rafael Nadal being beaten and he should be regaining his beloved title in two weeks time. On the Women’s side though the draw is wide open and the title is up for grabs by at least 5 women and if I had to pick a winner I think Jelena Jankovic would be the play.

Anyway onto my day today and I am very pleased with my performance and result and managing to avoid any upsets. I had one loss today but in a weird way I am quite proud of it because I have had real problems (and I am not suggesting these problems are now eradicated lol) with going all red or taking a loss.

It occurred in Jo Wilifred Tsonga’s 5 set victory over Daniel Brands and I got involved after Tsonga lost the first set. He then took the next two but when he lost the fourth set I went all red and it looked as if I had made the right decision as he went down a break in the last set before he turned it around for the victory. I was already well into profit for the day when I went all red so I suppose this made the decision easier and I hope if I was not in profit for the day that I would have made the same decisions.

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