Friday, May 21, 2010

Today's Profit 17.08 euro
Yield 3.32%

I had another excellent day today and even though this was the case I kept having doubts all day as to whether the way I was doing things was the correct way. I don't really know why this was the case as things went well but a lot of this game is in the head and this is the part I am struggling with.

I have decided to take out the profit I have gained since I begun the blog a few days ago ( 31.04 euro ) and I am going to try change my strategy going forward again with a bank of 500 euro.

Also thanks for all the comment I have recieved and those that I haven't replied to I will over the weekend.


  1. Why would you withdraw your profits and continue with the initial bank?

  2. Sorry if I haven't explained myself. I was persuing a strategy that I am not comfortable with, so from tomorrow I am changing my angle of attack so to speak and I would rather start from a nice round figure with a new spreadsheet and goals.

  3. Well? Can't you give any details? Perhaps you feel you were understaking?